Changelog #068
✨ What’s New
🕵️‍♂️ For sensitive input fields that your team would like to ignore user inputs, adding the CSS class
will preserve the styling of the input element while ignoring all user inputs.
🔍 You can now filter error object searches on the environment
📈 What’s Improved
  • For apps sending periodic visibility changes without user activity, sessions without user activity will no longer appear.
  • Live events are ordered more correctly now as a result of better Kafka ordering
Changelog #067
✨ What’s New
📅 The revamped new session viewer date picker has an improved refresh button and defaults to a 30-day view
📈 What’s Improved
  • Source map API keys are now at the project level
  • Stylesheets are now inlined by default
Changelog #066
✨ What’s New
⏪ Sessions that start before a user signs up or logs in are backfilled with the user’s info (more on this soon 👀)
🗓️ Sessions and errors searches are filtered to the last 7 days by default and can be refreshed to show new results
📈 What’s Improved
  • Fixed an issue with the sessions clickthrough from the top users dashboard
  • Improved performance for loading sessions
  • Fixed an intermittent issue causing the sessions page to reload
Changelog #065
✨ What’s New
🎨 (
) Highlight now supports screenshots of canvas elements on a user-defined interval (frames-per-second)
📈 What’s Improved
  • API key is now exposed in the Sourcemaps section of the settings page instead of being emailed to you
Changelog #064
✨ What’s New
🛣️ The project dashboard shows your top API routes and how often they are called
👤 Past unidentified sessions will be associated with a user once they log in
📈 What’s Improved
  • Better performance for errors search and search suggestions
Changelog #063
✨ What’s New
🗺 You can now see which of your project's sourcemaps have been uploaded in your project settings
🧽 (
) We’re working on a new scrubber and event timeline for the replayer! If you’re interested in signing up for the beta, reach out to us
📈 What’s Improved
  • Fixed a metrics API backwards compatibility issue
  • Tuned performance for error ingestion
  • Skipping the cache for sessions and errors for more immediate feedback when setting up a new project
  • Improved styling on the project settings page
  • Fixed an issue where network requests / response bodies were not correctly formatted as JSON
  • Fixed an issue where the failed payment banner could be shown erroneously
Changelog #062
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 8
  • If your errors are JSON formatted, you can add grouping rules in your project settings to match on specific fields
  • Increased supported source map size to 128MB
  • Fixed an issue where source maps urls were not processed correctly if they had a query string
  • More Kafka tuning for Highlight event ingestion performance and stability
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate fields could be added in an H.identify call
Changelog #061
New-file (1)
  • You can quickly see which of your alerts are enabled and toggle them
  • The project list is now ordered by creation date and will default to the first when you enter your workspace for the first time
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when recording duplicate metrics
  • Styling changes to the failed payment card
  • Fixed padding on the errors page
Changelog #060
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 10
✉️ Trying to enter a workspace you don't have access to will allow you to request access
➕ Added onSubmit and onCancel callbacks to the feedback widget to allow you to extend its functionality
  • Styling fixes for the session filtering
  • Fixed a crash when filtering messages in the dev tools panel
  • Events Kafka are committed after they're successfully processed
Changelog #059
Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 3
📝 Added Angular instructions to the setup page
💡 Added typeahead suggestions when searching for excluded users for session recording and alerts
  • Fix to exclude old unprocessed sessions from the live users and sessions counts
  • Improved replayer performance for sessions with lots of errors
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if the search filters were changed while a session was loading
  • Fix to skip the
    call from the Segment integration if there is no user id
  • Session processing stability improvements for Kafka
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