Changelog #075
✨ What's New?
  • Users can now delete user sessions
  • Users can now mute comment threads and unsubscribe from mention notifications
📈 What's Improved?
  • UX improvements to network request latency graph
Changelog #074
✨ What's New
🔒 Highlight now supports two-factor authentication
📈 What’s Improved
  • Fixed issue with comment email notifications not sending
  • URL no longer goes blank when a session is paused
  • More transparent messaging around sessions being processed
  • Revamped login page
Changelog #073
📈 What’s Improved
  • Added option to disable client performance recording
  • Improved UI for DevTools window
  • Improvements to ingest pipeline
Changelog #072
✨ What's New
  • User location info (inferred from IP) is now opportunistically appended to the user metadata
📈 What’s Improved
  • Console log records are now color coding to indicate errors and warnings
  • Speed improvements to URL searches in quick search
  • Stability improvements to digest pipelines
Changelog #071
📈 What’s Improved
  • Fixed
    import error for the
  • Reduced error load time by optimizing SQL query
  • Session recordings now stop by default if a slow connection stalls uploading velocity, preventing OOM issues
  • Fixed issue preventing users from same domain from auto-joining Highlight workspace
Changelog #070
📈 What’s Improved
  • Payloads passed to
    using the payload argument are rendered in UI
  • Smarter handling of Electron app recordings when they are in the background
  • New session Slack alert now includes the current visited URL
Changelog #069
✨ What’s New
🌪 More filters! We added the following filters to errors & sessions searching:
  • Landing Page
  • Exit Page
  • Number of Pages Visited
  • Country
  • Environment (for error search only)
📈 What’s Improved
  • Improved merging of properties for new user alerts
  • Improved performance for device fingerprinting in the Highlight client
Changelog #068
✨ What’s New
🕵️‍♂️ For sensitive input fields that your team would like to ignore user inputs, adding the CSS class
will preserve the styling of the input element while ignoring all user inputs.
🔍 You can now filter error object searches on the environment
📈 What’s Improved
  • For apps sending periodic visibility changes without user activity, sessions without user activity will no longer appear.
  • Live events are ordered more correctly now as a result of better Kafka ordering
Changelog #067
✨ What’s New
📅 The revamped new session viewer date picker has an improved refresh button and defaults to a 30-day view
📈 What’s Improved
  • Source map API keys are now at the project level
  • Stylesheets are now inlined by default
Changelog #066
✨ What’s New
⏪ Sessions that start before a user signs up or logs in are backfilled with the user’s info (more on this soon 👀)
🗓️ Sessions and errors searches are filtered to the last 7 days by default and can be refreshed to show new results
📈 What’s Improved
  • Fixed an issue with the sessions clickthrough from the top users dashboard
  • Improved performance for loading sessions
  • Fixed an intermittent issue causing the sessions page to reload
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