Changelog #026
💬 You can now mention Slack users and channels when creating a session or error comment
🚨 You can now send alerts to any user or channel in your workspace
🗣 Get alerted when a user sends you feedback using H.addSessionFeedback.
  1. Errors now show you the number of affected users
  2. Our docs have a new look and have been rewritten to help you get up and running even faster.
  3. Session recording DOM blocking has been improved to have a higher accuracy
  4. When auto-playing sessions, new sessions will automatically load when you've reached the end of the current page
Changelog #025
Crash Reports
🐞 A new React package with an
and crash reporting
  1. On-prem trials are now available
  2. Session autoplay bug fixes
  3. Brotli compression enabled to save you bandwidth
Changelog #024
⚡️ A new demo workspace now shows you how Highlight can help you debug faster
📝 A new blog with our first post teaching you how we create animated product updates
  1. Latency improvements for the Highlight app
  2. Developer experience:
    now accepts an empty string. This allows you an easier control of when Highlight gets initialized.
  3. Infrastructure changes to reduce the delay between when a session gets recorded to when you see it in the app
Changelog #023
✋ Users can suggest new shortcuts via the feedback option in the keyboard guide
⏱ You can now filter session duration in second-increments
📍 Pin player settings to your toolbar for faster access
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 6
  1. Users can now hide the trial banner on a per-session basis
  2. Fast forward icons have been updated
  3. Keyboard shortcut options have now been added to the top header
  4. Database schema changes to enhance performance
Changelog #022
✨ The errors page has a new look to help you debug faster
🖥 Fullscreen mode for session replays with comments
🎨 Session recording with fancy new CSS-in-JS libraries like Stitches
🔎 Added a search bar to the Top Users table on the home page
  1. Slack notifications work for on-prem deployments
  2. Session fields deep linking now works across the whole app
  3. Made the tooltip behavior more intuitive
  4. Debounced error and session searches to improve the user experience
  5. Session cards now show the full email. If the email is too long then it will be truncated. The full email can be viewed by hovering over the truncated text and triggering the tooltip
  6. Updated Next.js integration documentation
  7. Support deep linking session segments
  8. Improved the loading state for error pages to reduce layout shift
Changelog #021
📄 Detailed view of the session feed shows you more information to help you determine whether you should watch a session
Changelog #020
🎨 New look and feel across the app
💬 Notifications now show you all comments made by your team
🐞 Bug fixes and improvements
Changelog #019
🔐 Add option to ignore recording requests to URLs
🐞 Bug fixes and product improvements
Changelog #018
📶 Debug faster and with more information with network requests headers, bodies, and status codes
🎥 Stay in the zone when watching sessions with autoplay
🔗 Quickly share your current session feed view with others without creating a segment
Changelog #017
💻 Know what's happening with your app's network requests with the session Developer Tools
📶 Beta for recording XHR/Fetch headers and body
🐞 Bug fixes and improvements
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