Changelog #057
Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 9
📄 Added pagination to the sessions and errors feeds
🔄 You can now switch between teams when creating a new Linear issue
🏘 Added a city filter to the sessions search
  • Quick search now saves the 10 most recent searches
  • Fixed a bug causing events in the session timeline to be duplicated
  • Fixed a bug where multiple sessions could be created if
    was called multiple times
  • Improved performance when loading workspace-specific fields in the query builder
  • New styling, copy, and tooltip changes for comments
  • Improved error messages when trying to access an invalid workspace
  • Fixed a bug where the sessions count was not refreshed when the query was changed
Changelog #056
🔎 Your most recent quick search is saved so you can quickly get back to the sessions you were looking at
🔗 Comments can now include clickable links
📊 Added data to the demo project's dashboard
  • Style and consistency improvements for the forgot password form
  • Fixed an issue where the player would stay paused while the network pane was open
  • Fixed a crash happening when autoplaying sessions
  • Fixed an issue where the events timeline intervals were sometimes not sorted correctly
Changelog #055
Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 11
🚀 Migrated session event processing to Kafka for improved resiliency
🤔 Added an automated forgot password workflow to the login page
  • Added a default quick search option for faster searching by identifier or email
  • Fixed an issue where an error from an aborted request would be raised twice with the Highlight client
  • Fixed an issue where the query string was not preserved when redirecting to a user's default project
Changelog #054
🏎️ During replay, session data is loaded when needed, increasing performance for large sessions
⏪ At the end of a session, a restart button lets you start from the beginning
➕ You can create a new search segment after changing an existing one
  • Fixed an issue where unidentified users weren't being counted correctly for the dashboard's live sessions
  • Changed the behavior for skipping inactive intervals to skip instead of fast forward, for better performance
  • Fixed a styling issue where the replayer controls were different sizes and overflow was not hidden
  • Fixed an issue where the session detail panel was not reset after changing sessions
  • Added the "Status is Completed" default filter for sessions back
Changelog #053
↩️ You can reply to comments, which creates a new thread and notifies everybody involved
🏞️ Added a network waterfall graph to visualize request start and end times
  • Entering a quick search query before results are shown will query sessions by identifier or email
  • Fixed a bug causing some timeline events to not be displayed
  • Tuning performance to improve replay for large sessions
  • Styling fixes and enhancements
Changelog #052
🔎 Added backend SDK onboarding instructions - take a look if you're running an Express, Next.js, or Go backend and want to monitor errors
⏩ Changed the back + forward buttons to scrub through the session
  • Fixed a style issue impacting replay performance for some apps with
  • Stopped notifying you about your own comments
  • Fixed a replayer performance regression for sessions with many events
  • Added emphasis for the current session in the sessions feed
  • Added the tooltip back to the query builder's length slider
Changelog #051
🙅 You can now filter out sessions by user identifier or email so they won't show up in searches or count toward billing
🏎️ Offloaded processing for the replayer's inactive intervals and custom events to our backend to speed things up
  1. Fixed a bug where the integrations dropdown for comments was sometimes hidden
  2. Improved speed for processing incoming errors
  3. Backend stability enhancements
Changelog #050
🐞 Rules for grouping errors have been expanded to use stack traces
  1. Added a button for copying user identifiers from the session page
  2. Fixed a visual bug where the errors code previews did not span the full width
  3. Improved backend performance for session processing
Changelog #049
🎟 Our Linear integration allows you to create/sync Highlight session/error comments with Linear issues
👀 You can now filter sessions based on whether you or your team have viewed them
📝 Highlight now records all requests and console messages making sure you don't miss anything
  1. Fixed a bug where some identifiers were not being shown in the session results list
  2. The tooltip for the viewed indicator on the session results list has been changed to make it clear what it means
  3. "Live Users" and "Live Sessions" metrics are now shown on the home page
  4. @highlight-run/react
    now supports projects using
  5. With network request recording, you can now finely configure which headers and bodies to record.
Changelog #048
🔎 You can now search for sessions that have errors and rage clicks
🔴 The session feed now shows you which sessions have errors and rage clicks
  1. Improved our server performance for handling large payloads
  2. Fixed a visual bug where the labels on the error page graphs were getting clipped
  3. Fixed a visual bug where the quick search drop shadow would not take up the full viewport
  4. Rage click alerts will not trigger if clicks happen within a
  5. Removed a warning message when the number of console messages exceeded an internal limit
  6. The account creation and joining and existing project workflow has been improved
  7. Improvements made to recording
  8. You can now download any JSON data that is shown on Highlight to maintain your existing viewing/editing workflows
  9. Added educational message describing what a session's inactive segment is
  10. A
    event will now automatically be created when Intercom is opened
  11. The Intercom property
    will now include a timestamp of when the message was created
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