Changelog #036
  1. Fixed the demo project crashing for logged out users
  2. Highlight accounts created via email/password will now be required to verify their email
  3. Response times for downloading a session's network requests and console messages have been decreased
Changelog #035
💬 Session comment tags help you group common patterns in your sessions
🏎 The Session Shortcut makes your internal review cycle faster
🚨 The Alerts setup wizard will help you setup alerts for new projects so you can stay on top of things in your app
  1. The session level bar now shows the current URL and viewport size when you jump around the player time
  2. Improved the reliability for the Highlight Segment integration
  3. Error titles on the error page now shows the full message
  4. You can now search and filter notifications by their tags and messages
  5. The quality of screenshots for session comments have been improved
Changelog #034
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You can now assign roles to the people on your team
👀 Highlight will enrich your sessions with data like the user's LinkedIn, website, and company role
  1. The crash reporting dialog is now visually responsive to all screen sizes
  2. You can now hide the Highlight attribution in the crash reporting dialog
  3. You can now configure when a New Session Alert gets created by excluding identifiers
  4. Live sessions is now in beta! Want to try it out? Reach out to us.
  5. You can now configure the format for counts shown on the session feed
  6. Session comment screenshots will now include external resources like images
Changelog #033
✨ Tab titles now give you context on what's in the tab
💬 Notifications have been improved by sorting notifications into an inbox helping you triage faster
  1. The number of live sessions is now shown on the session feed
  2. Design details have been improved across the app
Changelog #032
🏎 Latencies across the app have decreased to help you debug even faster
🔥 See all the rage clicks happening in your app on the home page dashboard
  1. The number of live sessions is now shown on the session feed
  2. You can configure the date time format for the session feed
  3. Fixed a bug where new page navigations for websites on iOS Safari would cause a new session to be created instead of being part of the existing session
  4. The hit area for the session player timeline has increased
  5. Fixed a bug where the network resources autoscroll was not jumping to the correct resource
  6. Fixed a bug where the session level bar was not showing accurate information when switching between sessions
  7. Same-origin referrers are not longer counted towards your referrer counts
Changelog #031
🏎 Get things done faster in Highlight with our Command Palette (⌘ + K)
🤝 You can now share sessions and errors for people outside of your project
🤬 Rage clicks now show up in the session player and you can get alerted whenever a user rage clicks
  1. Session search filters now include: included user properties, included track properties, visited URL, and referrer
  2. Picking which timeline annotations to view is now even easier with faster toggling between types
  3. Changing the player playback speed is even easier now with quick-change options
  4. Fixed a bug for Safari users where they couldn't create a session comment with a screenshot
Changelog #030
🚨 Alerts have been overhauled; you can now create and delete alerts
🎨 Highlight now records
with the experimental flag
📈 The session feed now shows a graph of activity during the session
  1. The player right panel expand button's hit area was not the same as the visual button. You can now click the whole button to expand the player right panel.
  2. Scrolling for the session events is now smoother
  3. Going to a session from an error's experience has been improved: now you will see the error details
  4. The timeline annotations are now rendered with the same scaling as the player progress bar.
  5. The session feed detailed view now shows the percentage of active time per session
  6. Alerts from Highlight sent to Slack will now show a summary of what the alert is about in notifications
Changelog #029
💁‍♀️ You can now set a custom display name to easily identify sessions on the session feed and player
🚨 You can now be alerted for every new session that starts in your app
  1. You can now save live sessions, device ID, and environments to segments
  2. Player detailed panel is now resizable
  3. For alerts, you can now exclude arbitrary environments even if you don't have sessions recorded in that environment yet
Changelog #028
🔎 Session events are now filterable and searchable
⏱ Sessions and errors can be filtered now seconds precision
  1. Fixed a crash caused by making a session fullscreen on Safari
  2. highlight-run
    handles being blocked by Adblocks gracefully
  3. URL encoding for session search parameters have been improved to be more human readable
  4. Session annotation tooltips now handle varied content lengths
  5. Improved session frame calculation time from ~40ms to ~15ms
Changelog #027
📸 Session comment alerts via email and Slack now show a screenshot of the session of when the comment was created
🐞 Error titles are now more descriptive when they contain JSON
  1. The console in the session's DevTools has a new look
  2. Fixed a bug where toggling between Inspect DOM and comments on the session player led to not being able to create comments
  3. Highlight and Slack mentions are not visually distinguishable when creating a comment with a mention
  4. Fixed a layout shift that happened after the DevTools network resources loaded
  5. Fixed a layout shift when the player loaded on small viewports
  6. Fixed the keyboard shortcuts guide getting triggered accidentally when clicking on whitespace on the alerts page
  7. Fixed Slack messages from Highlight showing a warning after clicking the primary action
  8. Code snippets across the app now have syntax highlighting
  9. Fixed interaction bug with the user dropdown flickering between open and closed when clicking on the user avatar
  10. Added a loading state for when updating an error
  11. The DevTools table headers and data are now aligned even when there's overflow
  12. Fixed a bug when strict privacy mode was enabled that caused non-printing characters to be shown in the session replay
  13. Updated the styling for console messages and session errors to be more consistent with the browser DevTools
  14. Improved JSON rendering for error descriptions
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